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marketing game changer kit box
Web.Search.Social. presents…

The Marketing Game Changer Kit

Resources, templates, worksheets, calendars and guides to help you plan and execute successful web, search and social marketing.


Use our website launch checklist to make sure all the pieces are in place, from content to SEO. Also great for periodic checkups.


Never wonder what or when to publish again (or lose track of your great ideas!) with our editorial and social media calendars.


From a full marketing plan outline to a design and branding guide, our outlines will keep your marketing strong, purposeful and consistent.


Want your LinkedIn profile to shine? Or to always have the details of your important accounts? Our worksheets will guide you.

Take control of your marketing

Streamline, simplify, stay organized, save time, be successful!

Marketing resources are everywhere online.

Not to mention freebies, webinars, courses, and downloads.

Why on earth would you buy another?

Maybe you don’t need more resources. You’ve got tons of them and you’ve tried even more. But… you’re here for a reason. So you’re looking for something. That missing piece, that extra bit of something that will help you get organized and direct your efforts toward the things most likely to help you succeed. And that’s exactly what we aim to provide.

We’ve been in the marketing business for 20+ years, working with small business clients, using these very resources that we’re about to share with you. Every one of our clients has a Business Continuity Worksheet, just like the one here. Every blog we write goes into our Editorial Calendar. Every website we build gets evaluated through our Website Launch Checklist, and now yours can be, too! There are no gimmicks, and these aren’t shortcuts. But they are time savers, business savers, lead generators, and practical, tried-and-true resources.

Experience it yourself

Download them all today for only $7. This offer won't last forever!

Get all 7 resources for $7.

Got a request? Let us know!

If we add it to the kit, it’s yours at no extra cost!

marketing game changer kit box

For a limited time only, get the kit for just $7! Click here to buy now.

These are the resources that have been indispensable tools for us as we’ve worked with clients to help them grow their businesses. If there’s a resource you really wish we had in the Kit, let us know. We’re open to new ideas.

What’s included in your kit

Marketing Plan Outline: define customer personas, establish your messaging and more, so you’ll know how to best spend your time.

Website Launch Checklist: from analytics to SEO, photos to content, avoid mistakes that can sabotage your efforts.

Editorial Content Calendar: maintain a schedule of blog posts along with key details so you can create meaningful content in less time.

Social Media Tracker: collect and categorize your posts so you’ll have a library of reusable content that will save you a ton of time.

LinkedIn Profile Worksheet: put together a powerful profile with a series of guided questions that help you focus on generating leads.

Business Continuity Worksheet: keep track of the key details of your online presence so you don’t end up in a crisis situation.

Logo & Branding Guide: establish a visual identity for your business that will help you stand out and be taken seriously.